Invest in a dream home

When you’ve made the decision to buy a property, you’ll realise that the process of buying a house in Spain is a little different to buying in your own country.

We’re here to make sure it’s an enjoyable experience, and to guide you through the financial and legal aspects of the process.

Here’s an insight into the steps to finding the perfect property!

  • Which Location?

    Is this an investment, or a place to live, or perhaps it’s both?

    Take some time to consider if you want to live with other expats or immerse yourself in the authentic Spanish experience and integrate yourself into local culture and lifestyle.

    We will guide you based on your requirements and tastes and put together a selection of properties to view based on what you’ve told us.

  • Lock in your exchange rate

    Now you have chosen the area you’d like to live; it is vital that you lock in your exchange rate, so you know exactly what you have to spend. Using a currency company can save you thousands on the variable rate offered by a bank.

    By fixing an exchange rate in advance it removes the stress and anxiety of fluctuating rates and allows you to look for properties with confidence. We can advise you on a suitable company.

  • Choose us as your agent

    We know the Alicante and Murcia regions intimately. Our team will have visited each property on our books personally and are able to offer insights not only into the property but the surrounding area.

    We’ll accompany you to each property you visit and be able to advise if the property needs some renovation (if it’s not a new build), local facilities and any potential issues you need to be aware of.

    Once you’ve found your new home and your offer has been accepted, what happens next?

  • The cost of buying in Spain

    If you allow 11% of your purchase price over €100,000 and around 13% under €100,000 (additional fixed fees applicable) this will cover the 8% tax, registry, notary and lawyer.

    If you require a mortgage, then add on 3% of the mortgage amount – this needs to be paid upfront and can’t be added to the mortgage.

  • Local Lawyer

    A local lawyer will know all the town halls and regulations in your chosen area. Depending on whether your house is in the countryside or a town or village dictates the experience your lawyer needs – urban law or rustic law.

    Spanish lawyers are governed by a professional body similar to the UK Law Society – ask for their registration number. We can advise you on good English speaking local lawyers in the areas we cover who we have experience of using.

  • Completion and Aftercare

    We’ll ensure the smooth running of the process once you’ve put down a deposit and guide you through the next steps.

    Your local lawyer will organise a completion date and we will come with you and be present for the completion at the notaries office.

    Congratulations you now own your own property in Spain. What next?

    You will need to change the utilities over to yourselves and ensure you have adequate insurance. We can put you in touch with a local insurance broker and even arrange for the utilities to be changed.

    If your property is still under construction, we will keep an eye and ensure everything is going to plan, and keep you updated as appropriate.

The Buying Checklist

Complete our online checklist to help us collate a selection of properties perfect for you